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The Catholic Bible in Pictures (for children and teens)

The Catholic Bible in Pictures (for children and teens)

The Catholic Bible in Pictures (for children and teens)
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by Msgr. Dante Del Fiorentino

Why did yesterday's Catholic Kids know the Bible so much better than today's?

One MAJOR reason: this magnificent Bible picture book.

Even back in the 1950s, this book was considered ambitious. Today it would be unthinkable for a Catholic publisher to lavish so much time, talent and expense on a book intended primarily (but by no means exclusively) for young people. Consider the contents:

  • EVERY significant story in the Bible (both Testaments), told in sequences of three to ten captioned pictures
  • An astonishing 1,085 pen-and-ink illustrations in all --  not cartoon-like outline drawings, but intelligent, and bursting with historical details
  • Captions are concise -- typically two or three sentences -- and summarize the action of each picture in clear language, using direct Biblical quotations wherever possible
  • The pictures are reverent yet dramatic, and flow into one another so that the movement of the story is clearly seen
  • Teens no less than children can enjoy -- and learn from -- this book, which serves as an excellent primer (or refresher course) in Bible history
  • In telling about Jesus, detailed attention is paid not only to his miracles and Passion but to His teachings, including key parables and the Sermon on the Mount
  • 11 talented artists prepared the illustrations, which were then verified by Bible experts for historical accuracy

The Catholic Bible in Pictures divides its subject into three major parts:

THE CHOSEN PEOPLE (OLD TESTAMENT): The story of the Creation * The Garden of Eden * Cain and Abel * The Flood * The tower of Babel * Abraham, founder of a nation * Abraham and Isaac * Isaac and Rebecca * Isaac's twin sons * Jacob's vision * Jacob's family * Joseph the dreamer * Joseph in prison * Ruler in Egypt * Joseph forgives his brothers * Moses, prince and shepherd * The Passover * The Red Sea * God gives Moses the Ten Commandments * The land of milk and honey * Balaam's ass * The fall of Jericho * The conquering host * The death of a tyrant * Gedeon saves Israel * Jephte's daughter * The story of Samson * Ruth * Samuel the prophet * Saul is chosen King * Jonathan and the Philistines * David the shepherd * David and Goliath * Saul's jealousy * The death of Saul * The capture of Jerusalem * King David * Psalm 22 * Psalm 120 * The reign Of Solomon * Proverbs * Wise sayings * Rival kingdoms * Elias the prophet * Yahweh or Baal * "They seek my life!" * The calling of Eliseus * Stories of Eliseus * Naaman the leper * Eliseus' chariots of fire * Jehu, King of Israel * The boy-king of Juda * A king and his arrows * The prophet Amos * Osee * Israel's captivity * The vision of Isaias * The prophecy of Isaias * Micheas * Josias * Jeremias and the fall of Juda * In Babylon * The four in the furnace * Ezechiel's vision * The writing on the wall * Daniel and the lions * An end to exile * The homecoming * Queen Esther * Nehemias builds the walls * Ecclesiastes * The trials of Job * Jonas *

THE YEARS BETWEEN: JESUS (NEW TESTAMENT, GOSPELS): The birth of a prophet (John the Baptist) * Tidings for Mary * The shepherds hear the news * The Wise Men seek the child * The flight into Egypt * Jesus and the Rabbis * The baptism of Jesus * The temptation of Jesus * Jesus calls His first disciples * The first miracle of Jesus * Nicodemus * The woman by the well * The nobleman's son * The miracle at Bethsaida * Nazareth rejects Jesus * Fishers of Men * The Divine Healer * The Sermon on the Mount * Jesus heals a leper * A cripple and his friends * The true religion * Jesus chooses his twelve apostles * A Roman's faith * The widow's son * Jesus rebukes a Pharisee * He cures a dumb man * His true family * The parable of the sower * The parable of the weeds * "The Kingdom of Heaven" * A storm at sea * The madman among the tombs * The daughter of Jairus * The death of John the Baptist * Feeding the five thousand * Jesus walks on water * Jesus in Phoenicia * The power that heals * Peter's confession of faith * The Transfiguration * "If you have faith" * The greatest in God's Kingdom * Jesus in the midst * The ungrateful servant * The thunderers * The cost of discipleship * "The Light of the World" * A sinful woman * The man born blind * The Good Shepherd * The good Samaritan * Martha and Mary * The rich fool * Worldly anxiety * Watching for the Master's coming * Healing on the Sabbath * "I and the Father are One" * Lament over Jerusalem * The true disciple * The lost sheep * The lost coin * The lost son * Rich man, beggar man * The raising of Lazarus * The ten lepers * The proud and the humble * The rich young ruler * Jesus and the children * The laborers in the vineyard * How to be great * The story of Zacchaeus * The parable of the talents * Supper at Bethany * Palm Sunday * Cleansing the Temple * "By what authority?" * The royal wedding feast * The wicked tenants * Tribute to Caesar * "The greatest commandment" * The widow' s mite * "I will draw all men unto Me" * Destruction of the Temple * The wise and foolish maidens * The Last Judgment * Judas sells his soul * The Last Supper * "Is it I?" * The Lord's Supper * Peter's confidence * Gethsemani * The trial of Jesus * The end of Judas * Sentence of death * The Crucifixion * The Resurrection * The soldiers bribed * The Emmaus road * "The Lord has risen" * Peter and the risen Lord * He appears to many * The Ascension

THE CHURCH (NEW TESTAMENT): The upper room * Pentecost * At the Beautiful Gate * On trial for Jesus * Ananias and Sapphira * Gamaliel's advice * Stephen, the first martyr * Simon the sorcerer * Philip and the Ethiopian * The conversion of Saul * Paul's escape from Damascus * Miracles of Peter * Peter and Cornelius * "Christians" * Peter's deliverance * Paul's first missionary journey * Conversion of a Roman * "We turn to the Gentiles" * "The gods have come" * The Great Council * Paul's second missionary journey * Into Europe * "The Unknown God" * Tent-makers * Paul's third missionary journey * Trouble at Corinth * Farewells and warnings * Paul's arrest * Paul before the Sanhedrin * Paul and Felix * "I appeal to Caesar!" * Sailing for Rome * Paul at Malta * Paul reaches Rome * Paul's death in Rome * The Revelation of St. John *

THE STORY CONTINUES (the rest of the story of the Apostles, based on ancient writings and traditions)

Index of Biblical names and places. Special full color section.

A distinguished biblical scholar and author, Msgr. Dante Del Fiorentino, served as editor.

As Msgr. Del Fiorentino explains, the Bible is "library rather than one book," and therefore difficult to read straight through, even for adults. " So in this book we have selected the main stories of the Bible, and used the pages as a screen on which to project their movement; keeping." Prominent churchmen, scholars and laymen acclaimed the book for its fidelity and artistry, and strongly urged its wide use in homes and schools. Catholic reviewers agreed:

"This is a volume in which any family should find it worthwhile to invest. The educational advantages alone to be derived from it should counsel its great desirability as an addition to the family library." - Ave Maria

"A wonderful book for children .... It can also serve those who try to meditate and would like help in picturing Scriptural scenes." - Messenger of the Sacred Heart

From Creation to Apocalypse: the WHOLE story of the Bible in 1,085 captivatingly realistic pictures