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The Bible for the Sick

The Bible for the Sick

The Bible for the Sick
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"Extremely valuable compendium of Bible passages for the seriously ill." -- Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro, Rome Director, Human Life International

This collection of the favorite 73 Scripture excerpts of the founder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Frederick Ozanam, has long and inexplicably been out of print. This is a republishing of it for Catholics in the 21st century who might have fallen out of touch with the Church's traditional teaching on sickness and death.

With a substantial introduction by noted Archdiocese of New York professor and translator Rev. Joseph Bruneau, this beautiful volume lends itself to simple spiritual reading--a little each day--or prayerful meditation, just as it was employed by Frederick Ozanam himself in his waning years.


  • Biblical text is the Douay-Rheims Version
  • All the key Old and New Testament passages on serious illness and suffering
  • Each one itemized in a Table of Contents and briefly described
  • Hardcover edition with gold leaf embossing

Sample Topics:

Origin of suffering & death...Christ will raise up everyone who believeth in him...Job's misfortunes, complaints, hopes, cure...How to accept God's trials for us...Fear not death...Trust in God...Taking consolations in our own past acts of charity...Preparation for the Sacraments...Longing for Heaven in the midst of our suffering...Convalescence...Compassion of Our Lord for the sick...Christ's wondrous cures...He endows his apostles with power to heal the sick...And they do so; passages here rendered...Anointing the sick...Last prayer. 

Quotations Divided Into Four Sections:

  1. The Foundations of Faith & Hope
  2. The Sick in the Old Testament
  3. Counsels, Sentiments of Piety, & Prayers
  4. The Sick in the New Testament
  5. A fifth, the Introduction, invites readers to embrace God's will for them