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Cornelius a Lapide's Commentary on the Four Gospels

Cornelius a Lapide's Commentary on the Four Gospels

Cornelius a Lapide's Commentary on the Four Gospels
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THE GREAT COMMENTARY ON THE GOSPELS by Fr. Cornelius a Lapide - One of the Greatest Catholic Biblical Commentaries ever!

In English!

Fr. Cornelius a Lapide created a Scripture Commentary so complete and scholarly that it was practically the universal commentary in use by Catholics (often available only in 30 some Latin volumes) for hundreds of years!

Father Cornelius a Lapide (Cornelis Cornelissen van den Steen), a Flemish Jesuit, was born in 1567, and died in Rome in 1637.  Soon after being ordained to the priesthood on December 24, 1595, he became a professor of Sacred Scripture at Louvain.  It was twenty years later that he was called to Rome, where he continued to teach Sacred Scripture.  As a zealous priest and devout religious he left to the world a complete commentary on all the books of the Bible with the exception of the Psalms and the book of Job, with the result that he has become one of the most renowned Catholic Scripture commentators of modern times, winning the admiration of certain Protestants even while they disagreed with his doctrine. Among those non-Catholic admirers was an Anglican clergyman, Rev. Thomas W. Moseman, who in the late 19th century translated several books of Father Cornelius a Lapide’s commentary on the New Testament, including the Four Gospels.


"Cornelius a Lapide, S.J. (1568-1637) is a giant figure in the history of Catholic biblical interpretation. Born in a tiny Catholic enclave in the Calvinist Netherlands in the bloody generation after the Reformation, a Lapide grew to be one of the Church’s most gifted scholars and spiritual interpreters of the sacred page.

Between 1614 and 1645, a Lapide wrote commentaries on every book of Scripture except Job and Psalms. To read a Lapide 400 years later is to enter a nearly forgotten world of biblical interpretation... more striking – the sheer breadth and density of a Lapide’s interpretative matrix or his audacity in summoning all these resources to the interpretation of the sacred text.

a Lapide himself takes a breathtakingly high view of Scripture’s purpose... a Lapide also prefaces his commentary with 38 “canons of interpretation,” which reflect a wise and prayerful method. It is clear that the Fathers hold pride of place for a Lapide in his interpretative work."

Beautifully designed, this first complete English translation is a priceless commentary, long-hidden from the eyes of most Catholics. Now is your opportunity to own this masterpiece! This set boasts the following features:
  • Bonded leather covers & satin ribbons
  • It is 12-point (which is considered large print) with plenty of leading so it's very readable.
  • 2,900+ pages in four hardcover volumes
  • Sewn binding & headbands
  • First of over 30+ volumes to come
  • Extensive discussion of Greek & Hebrew words
  • 6" x 9" book format
Four volumes not sold separately