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The Haydock Bible (Douay-Rheims - Large Print) - 15% off!

The Haydock Bible (Douay-Rheims - Large Print) - 15% off!

The Haydock Bible (Douay-Rheims - Large Print) - 15% off!
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Lays flat - perfect for desk study

This famous Bible gets its name from the 19th century Rev. George Leo Haydock, who collected commentary from many of the Fathers & Doctors of the Church and appended it to every page of the Douay-Rheims Bible. Fr. Haydock's superb explanations and commentary take up at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the text, hence the large format. It was and is simply the most complete family Douay-Rheims available. It is eminently suitable for gift giving at weddings, First Holy Communions, Confirmations and other special occasions.

The Haydock Bible is a large-print (12-point) format Douay-Rheims Bible with a comprehensive Catholic commentary (the commentary is not in large print) using 210 sources and History of the Books of Holy Scripture reproduced from the 1859 edition of Fr. Haydock.

The copious commentary (which is not in large print) makes it a great Douay-Rheims Bible if you want to understand Holy Scripture. If you want a Bible that will help you to understand the Word of God, then look no further!

It features: Old Testament with engravings and illustrations, space for you to record your family history (family births, marriages, and deaths), maps, Tables (Biblical weights and measures, etc.), a Historical and Chronological Index, and a New Testament with illustrated Bible Dictionary of terms and names.

This wonderful, invaluable Study Bible is one hardcover volume on fine Bible paper. Other features are a gold leaf image on the burgundy bonded leather cover, a satin ribbon marker, a size of 8 3/4” x 11 1/4” x 2” and a length of 2,025 pages (1,842 pages, plus two supplementary sections totaling 183 pages).

Note: This is the latest and only publication of The Haydock Bible in print. The last page of the Preface was misplaced by the publisher -- instead of being at the end it is at the beginning. Also, there is some inconsistency in the heaviness of the type (lighter) in parts, but the publisher says it is not defective and legible throughout. If one is looking for a copy without these imperfections, they are rare in the extreme and we are not aware of any future printings. (In any case, we strongly caution against buying a used copy of an old Haydock Bible because the Church considers it a sacrilege to buy an item blessed by a priest. Very often, used Bibles, especially old ones, have been blessed.) These things being said, there are no options as far as getting a Haydock Bible. Over the years, we don't know that we have ever had a complaint. Unfortunately, since people have different ideas of what is defective in this regard, we will not accept returns/issue refunds on this Study Bible. 

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